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No 1080 HD in saving options while it exists on YouTube


I'm not sure whether it is an issue or is it intended to be so...

I'm trying to download from and there is mentioned existance of 1080 HD in youtube player.

However when I'm trying to download it with YouTube Fisher, the maximum option it displays in the file save dialog is HD 720 p. Why can it be so?

Anyway thank you for great software!


TheBlueSky wrote Dec 7, 2013 at 6:51 PM

YouTube changed the page we use to get the available formats quite sometime ago and now for most of the videos it only returns 360p and some other lower formats, as well as the 720p.

We'll work to see if there is another way to get the available formats in similar "easy" way, otherwise we may have to revert to the old way (parsing the HTML in the video page).